Backup Internet Connection


Ensure your business stays online & open for business no matter what! Ensure your business can function, sending email, scheduling meetings and processing payments no matter what!

Backup LTE Internet for your Business Starting at $185/month with a 2-year term.

Delivers a backup internet connection whenever you need it. The perfect cost effective solution to provide every one of your internet-ready point of sale devices with an always-available internet connection.

With our persistent Backup internet service, you always have an Internet connection so you can keep doing business. Our backup internet solution automatically detects when your primary internet connection goes out. Then seamlessly switches your team over to the backup internet connection. Switching back later when the primary connection is restored. You and your team can continue doing business as normal and typically won’t even notice when the Backup Internet kicks in.

Depending on your Internet Service Provider, Location and Service Quality businesses typically can experience anywhere 5-15 outages in any given business year.

In a worst-case scenario, a company may be interrupted by multiples outages monthly or even daily! Avoid missing valuable credit/debit transactional sales and Online UberEATS/Door dash/Postmates orders. Our reliable LTE Backup Internet Solution, in most cases, the cost of the system vs. business loss pays for itself.