Best small business email servers for 2022

If you own a small business and look forward to taking it to new heights, getting a professional email address would help you. It will help you project as a professional, reliable, and genuine business owner who knows how to run a business. Our list of the Best Small Business Email Servers for 2022 will help you choose the best small business email solution for your organization.

These days, when technologies have opened multiple options to grow a business, getting a professional email address with your business or domain name is easier and cheaper than before.

Some of the best small business email servers also offer free domain names. Let’s find some of the best small business email servers and what benefits you can avail of from them for your business.


The Top Best Small Business Email Servers for 2022 List:

Microsoft Office 365 (#1 Best Small Business email servers for 2022):

This small business email server solution is best if you frequently send and store large attachments.

Its base plan starts at $10/month with a 1-month free trial. In addition, it offers 1TB as the base storage limit. Following are some of the features:

a) An unmatched, super powerful, and professional business suite of productivity and collaboration tools such as Word, Excel, Teams, etc.

b) One of the best video conferencing solutions for up to 300 attendees, even on the cheapest plan!

c) Last but not least, most storage of any entry-tier plan!

Find out more about Microsoft Office 365.


Google Workspace:

Google Workspace is considered one of the best business email providers. It is truly ideal for collaborative teams. Its plan starts at $6/month, and it also offers 14 days of a free trial. Its base storage limit is 30GB. Other features are:

a) Gmail for a Business email

b) Productivity and collaboration apps such as Doc, Sheet, Calendar, etc.

b) Video Conferencing from 100-500 participants

c) One of the top-notch phishing and spam protection

Find out more about Google Workspace



If you want cheap business email plans that include a free domain from one of the best providers, IONOS is for you.

Its base plan starts at $1/month, and it also offers a 30-day free trial. The base storage limit is 2GB. Some of the features are:

a) It offers a free domain name

b) Superb security feature with scalable storage

c) It also offers some additional plans if you want emails and productivity tools through Google or Microsoft



If your business needs business email, web hosting, and a free domain with an SSL (certificate), then BlueHost will be your most acceptable destination.

Its base plan starts at $2.95/month with a 30-day trial and base storage space of 100MB. With Bluehost, you get:

a) Business email coupled with (shared) WordPress hosting schemes

b) Its plan also includes a free domain name for your business

c) With upper-tier plans, you get unlimited email storage and email addresses!


Zoho Mail:

Zoho Mail fits the place if you need one of the best essential free email services for your small businesses on a budget.

It offers a free plan and a 15-day free trial. Its base plan starts at $1/month with a base storage limit of 5GB. Some of the other features are:

a) As said, a basic free forever plan is available for your small business (up to 5 users)

b) If you want, you can purchase productivity tools with an additional fee

c) Its Workplace email plans come with excellent productivity and collaboration tools for your small business needs!


Amazon WorkMail:

Amazon WorkMail is one of the top professional email providers for businesses in niche enterprises.

Its base plan starts at $4/month, with a 30-day free trial. It offers a base storage space/ limit of 50GB. Other features are:

a) A la carte plans, which means you pay only for your chosen features! Do not pay for features that you don’t use but come with the program (like with other service providers)

b) You can choose your preferred service from 100 different services available.

c) They have genuinely one of the highly advanced data security and automatic vulnerability management systems and solutions.


Conclusion for Best Small Business Email Servers for 2022:

Suppose you opt to go with any of the best small business email servers. In that case, you can expect a decent storage capacity, advanced security features, and extra features like video conferencing and collaboration tools to boost your office productivity.

And that is what your business needs!

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