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Intelligent Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

With a Business Continuity solution from TechiT Services you can overcome any disaster, natural or other. As our solution can have you back up and running in a matter of seconds instead of days or weeks after a disaster. Which prevents loss of productivity, revenue and reputation with your clients.

Disaster Happens

Most business owners will tell you it’s not so much a matter of if a disaster will strike, but when. So what do you do when the worst happens? Do you collect your last local backup from USB, NAS or Tape, if so what happens if that is lost in a fire or flood? Is your data in the cloud and how long before you can get that data synced down and resume work? How much time, money, reputation or clients do you lose while you get your team working again?

Your data is valuable and hackers know it

The world is full of disasters which could strike at any time and not all of them are natural. Many businesses have been impacted and nearly bankrupted by Crypto locker attacks. Which could lock all of your companies data and ransom them back from you for thousands of dollars. With no assurance it won’t happen again. In addition you could find yourself in court if your data is compromised, due to a lacking Business Continuity plan. Which could cost your company more and more as legal costs and fees from regulators like HIPPA, PCI or FICA pile up.

Why backup is just a part of a successful Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution


Don't let the unavoidable slow you down

Business Continuity is more than just backups. It is also mitigating the impact that these disasters can have on your company. So you can continue doing business as normal, even when the worst case happens. By using our solution with Instant virtualization of your server and workstations, you can survive any disaster and be working again in no time at all.

TechiT's BCDR solutions are much more than just backups

With a Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solution from TechiT Services, you can have the peace of mind that you are protected. With redundant copies of your data both local & offsite with the ability to have instance restoration of your files and machines. Our team’s Business Continuity solution will always be there to protect you, acting as your parachute when you find yourself falling from a disaster. To ensure you land swiftly and easily.

Things you should look for in a Business Continuity Solution


How our Hybrid Cloud BCDR solution compares to other methods


Resume work seconds after a disaster, not days to weeks

With our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery solution, you can instantly virtualize any protected workstation or server and be right back to work, in seconds! Using a hybrid of cloud & local storage, we can have a copy of any protected machine stood up in a mere moments. Where other solutions will have you down for potentially days while a new device is configured and your data is recovered.

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