Business Cyber Security; Importance of IT Consultancy for Corporations

When companies are reactive with their data security, it simply explains that there is a breach or prospect break in their business cyber security. What some companies do understand is that some of these reactive moves, “Such as unintentionally downloading malware, experiencing data breaches, and other similar incidents.”., could put the institute out of business.

According to research, cyber threats are one of the greatest threats to the expansion of small enterprises; these miscreants take joy in breaching security data, selling them, and destroying the remaining information without consideration of their action’s effect on the enterprise. Our managed IT services don’t take a reactive approach when dealing with criminals; we are always a step ahead.

Getting proactive with your security measures is very easy; on several occasions, we have been able to track these miscreants and hand them over to security operatives. We also help to store and protect business enterprises in secured channels like the cloud or any other secure storage system. We protect your business from any malware at a negotiated price.


Protecting Your Business Against Cyber Security Solar Wind Hack

When protecting your enterprise against cyber security attacks, below are some of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures(CVE) to take note of:-

  •   Privilege escalation of Microsoft Active Directory – CVSS 10.0
  •   RCE via Adobe ColdFusion (file arbitrary that can be uploaded and used for JSP web shell upload) – CVSS 9.8
  •   File reading of Pre-auth arbitrary Pulse Secure SSL VPNs – CVSS 10.0
  •   Microsoft Sharepoint RCE – CVSS 9.8
  •   Execution of Remote Code Atlassian Crowd – CVSS 9.8
  •   Escalation of Local Windows Privilege – CVSS 9.0

To learn more about how the solar wind hack is changing security standards, please refer to this additional document on Wikipedia here.


Why Are We The Best Option?

TechIT Services LLC has proven over the years as the best business cyber security firm in San Diego because of our effective service delivery and swift customer service.

At our company, we understand the effectiveness of breached security protocols on databases and other diplomatic information. This is why we hire the best staff in managed IT services to help our customers secure their data. Most institutes understand the importance of having a reliable database, but it has been noticed that some individuals would try to access this information if they were protected; this is why you need us as your managed IT services to help protect your information.

Our top-notch services and consultancy are incomparable to other IT solution firms all over the state. We provide up-to-date networks for data storage, our customer service team is excellent, our IT personnel are the best, and on several occasions, we have been awarded the best at what we do. We provide 24/7 security services to our clients, which makes them send referrals to us. With us, you can rest assured your business is safe.

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