Disaster Recovery is not something everyone thinks about when it comes to Managed IT Services. We often don’t think of the worst-case scenario until it’s already happened. With that in mind, TechIT Services is here to dispel some of the most common myths about disaster recovery. If you are in the San Diego area, consider seeking out TechIT Services for quality data backup and recovery services. 


Have you been using tape backups for your data? Being physical devices, tapes are prone to weather damage or other incidents resulting from disasters. Cloud storage is a much safer option. For one thing, cloud items are stored in multiple locations. Cloud-based items also save you time managing physical data, as data storage can be automated rather than done manually. 


Recovery Time Objectives-Are They Too Expensive? 

Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) are the ideal time you need to get back up and running after a disaster strikes. Obtaining an RTO after a disastrous incident can often be complicated, as IBM states. An RTO will normally involve looking at your entire business infrastructure, rather than solely looking at IT (IBM). 


Before the advent of cloud computing, RTO’s had a hefty cost (up to six figures) attached to them. Thanks to the cloud, though, data can often be backed up in a few hours (and most services can restore your data in a day). If you want to see how cloud computing can work for your San Diego area business’ disaster recovery, consider speaking with TechIT Services


Other Myths Regarding Disaster Recovery 

If you think data storage is only for large businesses with deep pockets, you may be surprised to learn how affordable it is. Previously, the cost of these services was prohibitive. However, cloud computing has eliminated this barrier for smaller- and mid-sized businesses (SMB’s). 


Other obstacles, such as lack of proper IT infrastructure and complexity, can also be resolved by cloud computing. As TechnologyAdvice mentions, cloud-based services can vastly reduce the cost of labor and maintaining hardware. This is especially critical for SMB’s who may be on a tight budget. 


Cloud-based services also contribute to employee productivity, as they’re often faster than analog systems. They are typically available in pay-as-you-go installments, making them more cost efficient. 


Do You Have A Disaster Recovery Plan? 

PhoenixAp mentions that 75% of small businesses have no disaster recovery plan in place. When you consider that 45% of unplanned downtime is due to hardware failure (PhoenixAp), it’s easy to see how important a disaster recovery plan is. 


Physical hardware can be expensive and time-consuming to manually set up. Additionally, if your hardware is destroyed, your risk losing that data permanently! Why waste valuable time and resources trying to set up external backups, when you can have cloud infrastructure installed by experts at an affordable price? 


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