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Your Data is Valuable

The world is full of disasters which could strike at any time and not all of them are natural. Many businesses have been impacted and nearly bankrupted by Crypto locker attacks. Our business disaster recovery solutions help eliminate the risk of data ransoms and loss.

Leading Solution

With a Business Disaster Recovery solution from TechiT Services you can overcome any disaster, natural or otherwise. Our solution can have you back up and running in a matter of minutes, instead of days or weeks which prevents loss of productivity, revenue and reputation with your clients.

Simple & Clear Pricing

Our Disaster Recovery Systems provide peace of mind and ease when comes to pricing. We only charge for what is used, protect all of your critical systems and data. Server down? No problem! Our BCDR Solution allows for instant virtualization for all of the protected devices.

2013 - Opening Our Branches to Worldwide

Ransomware Epidemic Statistics

Nearly 100% of the IT solution providers surveyed by Datto reported ransomware attacks against small businesses. These attacks are occurring more frequently and continue to become a growing trend.

With a disaster recovery (BCDR) solution, 97% of affected businesses could recover from ransomware. Without a BCDR only 68% on average would recover.

Businesses reported Dropbox was the target
Reported ransomware infiltrations of anti-virus or anti-malware software
Reported multiple ransomware attacks in a day

Availability + Redundancy + Scalability

Business Continuity is more than just backups. It requires mitigating the impact that disasters can have on your business.
Our solution comes with Instant virtualization of your servers and critical workstations, so in the event of a disaster you can resume business as usual.

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