In today’s digitalized world, every business depends on IT solutions for their success. As a consumer, you’d probably look up products and services before making a purchasing decision. According to statistics, about 81% of consumers do online research before buying goods and services. So you’re not alone. With the right IT support, doing business will be a lot easier. Are you in search of an IT solutions company? TechIT Services, LLC in San Diego has a positive track record to have managed IT services for several clients.

Now that you’ve found an IT support provider, what are the questions to ask your service provider? Here they are.

How Big Is Your IT Solutions Company?

It’s crucial you know the capacity of the company. What’s the number of developers they possess? Do they have adequate resources, free and open access to the latest technology? This is practical as a larger company often implies more effective solutions, excellent expertise, and technology, likewise human resources. Guess you don’t want to hand the reins of your business to a one-man-band. Whether a large or small company, ensure they can meet your needs.

Also, check their work history; who have they worked with? What are some of their past projects? You really should ask yourself these questions. There’s nothing as good as testimonials from satisfied clients. This gives you an in-depth understanding of how your IT provider has managed IT services for past clients. From the testimonials, you can tell if they’re capable of handling your IT needs. If there are no positive referrals about them, then you should think twice about hiring their services.

Do You Offer Different Levels Of Support?

Many IT support companies offer various levels of support for different budgets and needs. They are:

  • Pay-as-you-go support

This level requires you to pay an hourly rate or a fixed flat price for a service. Pay-as-you-go is probably the most expensive option available.

  • Break/fix support

Break/fix support offers pay-in-advance services where clients are charged hourly at fixed charges.

  •   Managed support services

This option handles and manages clients’ services. If you’re looking for a whole IT package, this might be the right choice for you.

What Is Your Response Time, And How Can You Meet My Needs?

Response time is one of the major criteria considered when choosing IT support. Time is synonymous with money in business hence its importance. If you have a hardware or software issue that requires repair, you shouldn’t have to wait too long before you’re attended to. If this happens, you probably should look elsewhere.

From file syncing to videoconferencing to basics like data backup, your IT provider should be able to meet all your needs. At TechIT Services, LLC, we put our clients first. We take proactive measures to solve your IT problems. Trust us with your managed IT services.

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Assigning your IT needs to the right IT solutions company is a huge decision you need not rush. When you find a prospective provider, ensure you ask the above-listed questions. The answers you get will make the selection process less tasking. If you’re looking for IT support for your business, TechIT Services, LLC in San Diego is here to handle your IT projects and resolve your IT problems. Contact us today and book a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.