2020 was difficult. Moving forward into 2021, we are still determining what to expect, and unfortunately, we see the effects of this uncertainty across almost every market and industry. While the future remains uncertain, we know that now is the time to take stock, ask the right questions, and think before you act. TechIT Services can help you find IT solutions to the avalanche of problems. Our dedication to helping the San Diego industry through 2021 knows no bounds. Your search for managed IT solutions for 2021 has just gotten a whole lot easier.


IT Solutions: Take Your Time

2021 is telling us that it is time to slow it down. We mean way down. Many businesses aren’t sure what their industry will look like in a few months, so it is probably best to proceed with caution if this applies to you. One area you may consider showing restraint is in hiring new IT employees. Bringing on new employees means taking on the additional training costs, costs of benefits, etc. Unfortunately, training is not only expensive but it is also time-consuming. For these reasons, you may want to consider outsourcing some of these tasks until your business becomes more stable. We also recommend reconsidering any extensive or unnecessary equipment upgrades, which can become costly. 


Focus On Short-Term Goals

Complimentary to the last tip of taking your time, we are also suggesting a shift in perspective. Typically, a profitable business is future-oriented and goal-driven. While these qualities usually contribute to success, growth, and scaling, 2021 makes any long-term goal uncertain. It is time to start thinking a few months in advance rather than a few years. Goals focused on security and stability rather than massively scaling your company. We don’t want to discourage you from dreaming big, but if 2020 has taught us anything, it is that big dreams don’t mean much without the necessary steps taken. It certainly is not the most glamorous aspect of the job, but it is the most essential in times like these. 


Buyer’s Market

On a more positive note, while most businesses and industries have been greatly affected by the events of 2020, this is not the case for all companies. While we provide managed IT services and solutions, these are ultimately recommendations or takes from a different perspective. So, if you have found continued business success in a year of turmoil for most companies, we congratulate you! These are unprecedented times, and while many are erring on the side of caution, you know what is best for your company. If you are able, now is the time to take advantage of equipment upgrades, expanding team members, etc. It is a buyer’s market right now.


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