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Linux is everywhere you shop, work, commute and live these days. There is some form Linux running your cell phones, security systems, servers, printers, cars, websites, networks and maybe even running on your appliances right at home. Linux makes up the core of Smart Devices, and the Internet of Things bringing us the future due to it being natively opensource code and readily available for anyone who choses to use it thus allowing it to quickly progress with the opensource community's support.

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Secure & Highly Customizable

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Lower-cost Alternatives to Closed Source

Linux is Proven, Reliable, Tested Business Technology.

The Linux Operating System is a key part of our toolset giving our consultants the edge and ability to utilize more efficient solutions that improve overall efficiency for business processes & workflows. Companies across San Diego County have benefited from choosing TechiT Services as their Trusted Technolgy Advisor. Typical client experiences have shown improved system performance, availability, and even increased productivity.

Popular Business Opensource Linux Solutions

Private DNS, DHCP, Radius, Remote Desktop, VPN, Open LDAP, Samba Windows File Share, NFS File Shares, Private Intranet Web servers.

DNS & DHCP Servers

LAMP, NGINX, Apache Web Servers

Open LDAP Light-Weight Directory

Samba Windows File & Print Server

Remote Desktop/Workstation

NFS File Share

Radius Server

Logging & Auditing Solutions

Big Data Solutions like SPLUNK

Network Intrusion Systems

These are just some of the Linux server solutions available. The list and capabilities are endless!
An infographic wheel list of the benefits managed it services for san diego businesses.
An infographic wheel list of the benefits managed it services for san diego businesses.

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