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How Much Does Managed IT Support Services Cost

You’ve seen it everywhere, managed IT support services offered all around your local area. The option to have your IT needs met by an outside company has obvious appeal. You won’t need to maintain a full time IT staff, which saves you lots of money. However, you also know it’s important as a business owner to read between the lines before taking an opportunity. How much does a service cost? TechIT Services offers this advice when choosing your support services.

Multiple Factors of Managed IT Support

Having your IT needs met by an outside provider will depend on a number of factors. Each business is different, and the needs of specific technologies can either be complex or simple. The more complex, however, the more it will cost to maintain. The level of management you can choose will also vary. Managed IT services do range from basic to complex and are priced accordingly to each expertise.

So what does it cost? If you want a direct answer, you can estimate what your business could pay between $75 to $300 per user. The range is broad and vague, and will not be useful at first glance. Now based on your needs, a quote from a reputable service provider may be more useful, but we still cover how managed IT services are priced.

Cost of IT Support

The challenge of determining prices of managed IT services is that so many services fall under the umbrella of “IT.” Depending on your business and needs, the basics are covered to give a clear picture of what technology services are needed.

The definition of managed IT service is a team of experts that manage 10 to 1,000 things. They are presented to help save you money, but it is a complex subject that requires extensive training in technologies and practices. Still, employing a team with that skillset to manage your IT needs can be costly, which is why only large corporations tend to do it. Smaller businesses will outsource for management.

The two services fall under these two broad categories: fully managed IT and partially managed IT.

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Partially managed IT services are tasked with specific tasks that they manage. Partial management can range from providing support for tasks that are complex, beyond the skill of an in-house IT team, or providing support like security or backup admin.

Fully managed IT services for small to mid-sized businesses are most economical and efficient. The services provide 24/7 support with expert insight and advice to keep your business running smoothly. They are responsible for collaborating with you and other leaders to deliver services that match your needs.
There are countless ways to customize your plan with managed IT support. These are the most popular approaches, but with our service, you get what you need.

TechIT Services provide budget costs for your business. We match your technology needs with customization services and keep your business operations running. Call us today for more information about our services!

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