Need help with a Microsoft product? TechiT Services is a local Microsoft support center near you!

Microsoft offers a range of excellent products to people all over the world. They utilize skilled partners like us at TechiT Services to ensure their projects are well-supported. Enabling us to act as a Microsoft Support center near you today!

As an official Microsoft Partner, we specialize in deploying and resolving the most common issues you might encounter with Microsoft’s services and software.

Our team of skilled local engineers will give you a more personal support experience. Connecting you with an experienced support agent in your area.

  • Helpdesk to support Windows or Microsoft-related concerns
  • Professional IT VCIO consulting
  • Windows installs and system refreshes
  • Microsoft Office 365 support
  • Microsoft Office 365 Migrations
  • Remote support for quick issue resolution
  • Technicians available for onsite visits
  • Great prices, less than the cost of hiring an IT manager
  • Discount for Managed Service Provider (MSP) plans
  • Office 365 SharePoint migrations


TechiT Services is the best Microsoft support center near you!

Need help with your Microsoft Windows PC? Let our Microsoft Support Center speak with you and determine the best way to resolve your concerns today!

Due to several reasons, including the ongoing pandemic, Microsoft has closed several of its physical storefronts. This may leave you wondering where to turn when you are looking for support for your Microsoft products and devices. The good news is you can turn to TechiT Services to act as the best option for a Microsoft Support Center near you!

Having a local team at your disposal when you want help with your Microsoft products adds value to these services and applications. We can view your existing usage of these products or give you suggestions on what would be the best Microsoft solutions to adopt. Not only does our team have the experience to point you to the best Microsoft solution, but we can also deploy these for you!

Contact TechiT Services to see what the best Microsoft Support experience can be like!


Is the Microsoft 365 service a good fit for your business? Let TechiT’s Microsoft Consultants help you start a Free Trial of Office 365 today!

With the growing hybrid work trend, we will be seeing a larger adoption of cloud solutions like those offered with Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of services. These allow for nearly seamless transitions between your office and home or anywhere with an internet-connected device. In particular, Microsoft introducing a new Windows 365 Cloud PC service. Put simply, it keeps your PC in the cloud and saves everything right where you left off. This gives you the same desktop background and remembers what programs and files you had open. So, when you connect with any device, even with something like your smartphone, you have that same PC ready and waiting!

TechiT Services operates a Microsoft Support Center in your area, with specialists in the Microsoft Cloud.

This includes all Office 365 services like their industry-leading Exchange email, SharePoint file storage and sharing, OneDrive for business, and many more!

Our Microsoft Support Center near you is staffed with engineers who are ready to migrate (move) your critical business data and communications into their Office 365 Cloud! We have over a decade of working with these environments and are your best choice for migration or support of any Microsoft services and products.