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[vc_cta h2=”” style=”flat”]Are you experiencing slower network speeds then you used to or perhaps your moving into a new office space? Either way our team of experienced engineers can help!

Often times moving into an older building, you will encounter wiring which isn’t capable of supporting today’s higher internet speeds. Also older wiring can present other issues of dropped connections or even as far as being a fire hazard. Other times all you need is a simple update of a single piece of network equipment. In which case TechiT can help you to identify which parts of your network can be improved to alleviate any speed or connection issues.

Let us help you by ensuring your network cabling meets all of today’s standards for speed, safety, Eco-Impact and is the best possible value.

  • High Speed Data & Voice Cabling

    We provide the highest network speeds available today, by deploying the latest and greatest technology. Utilizing Cat 6, Fiber, Gigabit routing, managed switches as well as Stranded or Solid Core variants where appropriate

  • High Power Wireless

    Point to Point to bridge different locations together with no physical connection
    High speed broadband wireless to connect sites in remote areas, which lack hardwired ISP connections

  • Security Cameras

    Our team is experienced in deploying Security Camera systems with local & cloud DVR recording
    Mobile device support allows you to view your cameras in real time from your phone or tablet

  • Low Cost Home & Small Business Upgrades

    Custom cabling deployment to your home or office to link all your devices to a high speed network with both wired and wireless support
    Extend your WiFi network to eliminate any dead zone and reach areas like your yard or garage

  • Warehouse & Multi-Structure

    Consistently strong signal strength ensured by our design, to overcome signal distance limitations by utilizing advanced hardware & techniques
    Span networks between buildings or across large warehouses via cables when possible or with high power directional wireless

Home Automation, Virus/Malware Removal, Data Recovery, PC Troubleshooting & Repairs, O/S Upgrades, Backup Provisions, Network Security & Troubleshooting, High Power/Long Range WiFi Deployments
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Enterprise Level support of Office 365, Azure, Amazon EC2, Acronis Cloud, Point to Point Wireless Networking, Region to Region VPN Tunnels, Virtualization, High-Availability Networks, Professional Technical Support Outsourcing, Big Data Integrations
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Including Managed Services, Network Administration, Server Support, Network Cabling, Help-desk Services, Internet Security, Email, Long Range/High Power WiFi Access, Intuit QuickBooks, Resort & Hotel Wireless, Systems, Filemaker, Shipping Software Support, Backup and Recovery
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SEO: Search Engine Optimization, Graphic Design, Website Development, Hosting Management & Backups, Page Speed Optimizations, Logo & Brand Development
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