WIFI Troubleshooting, Extensions, and Upgrades

Large group of workers using WIFI on their computers, tablets & mobile phones.

Our Wireless Solutions can save you money while protecting you with the best technology and solutions available today.

WIFI Fixes & Troubleshooting

We can help you improve your existing Wi-Fi (wireless) system. Our technicians have decades of experience in troubleshooting and resolving common and not so common issues.

2 men and one 1 woman sitting on top wireless internet signal icons using Wi-Fi
large skyscraper executive business office with wireless internet.

Enterprise Wireless

We offer customized wireless deployments to ensure only your staff and devices in approved areas can connect. Adding another layer of protection to your network, while also designing our solutions with advanced security requirements.

two connected wireless access points extending home business Wi-Fi

Range/Coverage Extensions

Let us help you to expand your network to new offices or areas of your building. Eliminate any dead zone utilizing access point extensions to reach areas like your construction yard, warehouse, multi-floor.

a WIFI security lock

Network Security

Just how safe is your wireless network, could you be at risk or already compromised? No need to wonder any longer, our team can ensure that your business is as safe and secure as possible.

wireless internet modem with router and signal coming off of WI-FI access point

High-Speed Wireless Broadband

Our High-Speed Wireless Broadband solutions can ensure that even your most remote satellite office or job sites can have a high-speed internet connection.

two wireless access points connecting multiple business offices using only one internet connection

Point to Point/Mesh Networks

With our Wi-Fi/wireless solutions, we can extend the availability of your wireless network to your other offices. All the while maintaining security so they can access your internal file shares or other network assets with a single sign-on by linking to your existing active directory or LDAP controller(s).

internet network using wifi6 to connect all devices at gigabit speeds

Gigabit WIFI6 Speed Upgrades

Compared to the older standard of about 45mbs a WIFI6 system is 10x times faster capable of producing wireless gigabit speeds to supported WIFI6 capable devices!