We will go over some of the nuisances to help you compare Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite, and make an educated decision in this blog post.

Office 365, which comes from Microsoft, and Google Workspace, originally known as G Suite, from Google, are professional office collaboration applications and service toolsets that help you manage your everyday office tasks. Whether email, file storage, calendar, online meeting, notes, video conferencing, or other business needs- these powerful and robust tools help you manage those tasks hassle-free and super quickly.


Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

Which office suite is best, Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces?

You can only debate which suite is best for you once you precisely know your business requirements. Hence, it is crucial to understand what file and email storage size you need. What is your existing working environment? – like do you currently use apps and software from Microsoft or Google? How much are you planning to scale shortly?

In addition to these, you must also know what your budget, what requires ease of collaboration, and what IT Implications. -before you make any move for any office suite!

Let’s compare both and know why you can choose Office 365 vs. Google G Suite for your business!


What comes in what (Apps)?

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

Microsoft’s Office 365 offers you business tools like Outlook, OneDrive, One Note, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and many other Microsoft apps. While G Suite offers you business solutions like; Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Keep, Hangouts, and other Google apps that you have probably already used.


Pricing (per user per month)

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

Google Workspace Basic Plan starts at $6 and goes to $26 (Enterprise). While Office 365 also begins with $6 (Business Essentials) and goes to $15 for the Business Premium plan. It also offers an Enterprise plan starting at $8 with an annual subscription.


Cloud Storage:

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

G Suite offers 30GB pooled storage per user and an Unlimited (1TB for <5 users) plan. While Office 365 offers 1TB across all the plans and 50GB for email.

Ease of Use:

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

G Suite comes with Enhanced Admin Control with better mobile and web apps. While Office 365 has better desktop standalone installations.


Collaboration Tools and Features:

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

G Suite offers real-time multi-user editing and apps like Hangouts and Google Voice. On the other hand, Office 365, apart from real-time editing and reviewing, also provides Skype for Business (only with business premium and Enterprise Plans).


Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

G Suite offers secure business email, Google’s cloud security, two-factor authentication, data loss and leak protection, and spam, virus, and malware protection. Office 365 also comes with secure business email, Microsoft’s cloud security, multi-factor authentication, data loss and leak protection, and last but not least, spam, virus, and malware protection like G Suite offers.

Business email:

Office 365 vs. Google Workspaces, aka G Suite

So, G Suite does include business email, while Office 365 also provides business email but with a nominal cost of $12.50/month/user.



Going with a professional business suite will help you run your small business smoothly and chaos-free regarding email, file management, online meetings, etc.

So, if you look closely, Microsoft 365 wins on product features while G Suite falls behind in many areas; a lot of organizations still are using Google Workspaces, aka G-Suite. TechiT Services can help move you from Google Workspaces to Microsoft Office 365 systems with a professional system migration. Contact us today for more information at (619)764-6150 and schedule your free 15-minute consultation.

Still, both companies offer competitive plans for small businesses that give you access to professional business tools right from the start. Hence, when deciding between Office 365 vs. Google G Suite, it is easier to tell which one will suit you best once we know the exact business needs and model.

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