Professional Networking Cabling Services

Professional Networking Cabling Services Make A Big Difference!

Network cabling can make or break slow network and downtime. You don’t want your business to have a slow network, which means less productivity, stressed staff, and constant frustration. This also might mean losing your employees as well as customers. The good news is that network cabling isn’t as complicated as it sounds with the best practices and right expertise. TechIT Services provides networking cabling services to reduce your slow networks and potential problems in the future.

Save Money With Business IT Support

Structured cabling is a configuration of cables, hardware, and sub-systems that make up one large whole network. This is the foundation and backbone of your computer network for your business. Hardware ports and patch panels will sit in a rack to create a structure of your system, and this is the central point to connect all hardware. If cabling is a static set up, this means all cables will run directly between hardware units, and little organization is required for your cabling.

A simple human error, cabling the wrong units together, will have longer downtime. Your IT team will work to identify the issue. This point to point cabling will also cause overheating, and poor organized calves will take up more space than needed. You want your system to be organized and professional, as it will also impress clients.

Choose Speed, Not Downtime

Copper has become more efficient than it used to be, and the new opportunities that keep arising to have fiber technologies means that 1,000 Mbps & 10 Gigabit networks won’t be a dream anymore. But it’s important to choose the right cabling material, as newer cabling is faster and durable.

It’s also easy to replace cabling when it’s centralized, so upgrades are very easy to install. Your IT team can run through a checklist of ports and hardware to make sure everything is where it needs to be. Upgrade your system whenever you want, and keep running faster speeds to stay ahead of your competitors!

Having the right categories of ethernet cabling is also vital for your business. The higher category number, the better speed. Right now, the category 6a. 6 and 6a are superior to 5e, though it is still used, and you have short gaps. Any lower category cabling will be used for budget constraints within the company. If you have data transfer requirements, there is not harm in going for the cheaper option.

Looking to the Future

With just over 70% of businesses having network downtime due to cable problems, it’s time for solutions. With TechIT Services on your side, you can exceed industry standards with little issues. We aid in design and implement network cabling services, so you can take control of your future with networks.

We help you look to the future with the best strategies and practices for your business. If you need to make changes with your systems, we make it easy for any repair work or troubleshooting. Call us today for more information about cabling services and building your foundation for your business.

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