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As your Managed IT Services Provider (MSP), our goal is to provide valuable, innovative ideas and solutions for the IT issues and challenges that are associated with Information Technology in today's businesses.

  • Are you tired of dealing with headaches from problematic IT issues?

  • Would you like to avoid server failures and extended downtime?

  • Is your internet service causing productivity disruptions?

  • Have you lost vital information through failed recovery efforts?

If these issues sound familiar, TechiT Services can help! Our Managed Services package completely covers every aspect of maintaining, supporting, and protecting your business IT systems.
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Local Tech Support

Need IT support quickly? Contact TechiT Services, and we will promptly send an experienced technician to your office to identify the issue, or we can assist you remotely to identify and resolve your technical problems quickly. Technical support can be requested via phone, email, or by using our self-service IT Service Desk web portal.

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Proactive IT Management

Proactive IT management services ensure the best performance and security for your team's computers, devices, and data networks. Our Proactive IT Management approach will continuously monitor your business’ network infrastructure with advanced monitoring tools. When a problem is suspected, our support team is immediately and automatically notified. An IT service team member will quickly begin to determine the cause and promptly resolve the issue, minimizing any potential opportunity to impact your staff and your company’s performance.

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Predictable Costs

Our Managed Services Plan offers a Fixed-priced plan designed to manage and protect your network, devices, and data with proactive and reactive service. TechiT’s Managed Service Plans are specifically tailored to address and meet the individual IT needs of your business. It’s simple and clear and with predictable costs, including onboarding new employees!

Proven, Reliable, Tested Managed IT Solutions and Support.

Together, our team of professionals has years of experience managing Information Technologies systems purposed for business, all the while supporting the associated technology-related solutions. Companies across San Diego County have benefited from choosing to utilize our Managed IT Services plans. Typical client experiences have shown improved system performance, availability, and even increased productivity.

What does Managed Services Provide?

Managed Services provides the following managed service benefits and much much more! Contact us Today!

Managed IT Service Plan Benefits

Our Managed IT Services program can provide you with numerous benefits of having an in-house IT department and IT manager for a significantly lower cost than any alternative. We're Dedicated to providing the best IT services in San Diego!

You can Expand or Outsource your existing IT department with a full team of highly skilled professionals!

As a Managed IT Services provider, we can provide you with numerous benefits of having a Managed Service plan that operates like an in-house IT department and IT manager, but for a significantly lower cost than any alternative. Already have an IT staff? TechiT will work alongside your current trusted team of professionals by backing them up with cutting-edge technologies tailored to enhance your day-to-day operational functions and security management for protection of your network’s valuable data.

IT Service Desk / Helpdesk

For technical support or solely for information, TechiT’s Service Desk / Helpdesk can be reached via phone, email, or by using our self-service IT Service Desk web portal.

Cloud Integrations

TechiT Services will find you the perfect way to utilize the latest managed cloud solutions for your business. Our managed cloud solutions can give you endless storage for your business data while keeping it secure and highly available for your team.

Managed Backups

Backups are essential to ensure you can keep secure any work-in-progress and protect vital records if something unexpected happens to your devices or within your IT system. Without proper monitoring and backup management, your current system unknowingly could be outdated or potentially corrupted. This type of situation does occur and could result in some or all of your essential data being damaged or lost in a failed recovery effort. Let us help you protect your investment!

Hardware Procurement / New Equipment

As a Managed Service Client with TechiT Services, you can purchase any new device or tech components directly from TechiT. TechiT also provides recommendations for the best possible devices focusing on your specific business IT needs. In addition, TechiT will professionally manage, deploy, and install all of your new hardware.

Network Administration & Design

Our network professionals can ensure maximum uptime and peak performance monitoring of your entire IT network. MSP clients with TechiT enjoy the benefits of having highly experienced engineers at their disposal, who ensure protection by utilizing their best practices.

Network Security & Threat Protection

If your network gets compromised, your entire business can be at risk! TechiT's Network Security specialists can find and secure any potential holes in your network and ensure you are as secure as possible.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

We develop a custom managed solution for each of our MSP clients to ensure they remain productive even after disaster strikes. TechiT, as your Managed Services Provider, can ensure that your team never loses connection to the Internet, and critical systems are restored within minutes instead of days or weeks! TechiT Services’ own disaster protection coverage plan will connect you to a 4G/5G network to restore your internet temporarily until your system is fully restored online.

Managed Systems Monitoring & Maintenance

Ensuring each of your workstations, servers, and other devices are properly maintained minimizes risks to your company’s IT network. As a TechiT MSP client, our team will make use of our advanced tools to monitor and maintain your systems. We will proactively ensure your system's health and catch any potential issues before they become a problem and interrupt your staff's work!

Endpoint Protection (Anti-virus & Anti-Malware)

Your company can avoid a large number of common issues that impact your staff with our Endpoint Protection, which is a crucial component in our Managed Services Provider plan. Virus and Malware protection is an absolute necessity in today’s world of internet injustices. Through TechiT’s commitment to implement their best practices, we can assure our clients will be protected through the utilization of Top Quality solutions and services provided through the diligence of TechiT’s team of IT professionals.

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