Sophisticated phone scams

Security Managed Services

TechiT Services would like to alert its customers of a growing number of more sophisticated phone scams.

These scammers will typically call pretending to be companies like Microsoft and Dell and use compromised info to try and authenticate themselves. Please note that companies like Microsoft and Dell never initiate support calls with their customers, so whoever was on the other end must have been using potentially stolen information.

We recommend following these rules when handling a phone scam.

  • Get the caller’s name and extension number and call them back, but DO NOT call the number the caller provides. Call the number on the company website, assuming this is a company with which you have a relationship.
  • If you get a first and last name, try to look the caller up on LinkedIn. See if he has a profile and a history at the company he claims to be calling from.
  • Treat every call as if it is a scam by asking probing questions that may not be true so you can gauge their response. Try to trip them up by providing false info.
  • Ask them to call you back in five minutes and search online to see if there’s any info on a scam life the one you think is happening.
  • Finally, listen to your inner voice and don’t be afraid to hang up.