As digital information continues to grow in popularity around the world, new businesses are opening daily to keep up with customer demand. Most of these businesses rely on a reliable computer network to run their day-to-day operations. At TechIT Services, we can help you ensure that the network you use for the transfer of digital information is protected from external threats by implementing network security measures.


Keep Your Computer Network Secure

Here are six tips to keep your network’s security intact and protected from external threats:


Reduce unnecessary use of administrator accounts.

When configuring your computer network, avoid creating administrator accounts for your day-to-day operations. When you do this, you increase your susceptibility and risk of being targeted — especially when browsing the internet or checking email.

Only use administrative accounts for software updates, installing hardware, or making other system changes, and create a standard account for everyday use. This will reduce the likelihood of a hacker gaining access to your administrator account and infecting your system with malware.


Update your operating system.

Instead of relying on a break-fix approach, consider updating your operating system to avoid running into complications down the line. The operating system’s primary function is to make networking easier while ensuring that software and hardware run smoothly. Because modern technology allows for faster and more effective operating systems, it is critical to update as quickly as possible.

it consultant connects network cables to switches


Stay up-to-date with general software updates and patches.

In addition to keeping your operating system up to date, you should keep third-party software up to date. Often, essential security patches are included in software updates. Failure to update your software increases the vulnerability of your network.

We recommend checking for updates regularly if your software does not automatically update.


Use strong passwords.

Because of the surge in cyberattacks, businesses must mitigate risk and secure their data. Every device on a network — from the computer to the printer — should be protected with a strong password.

When choosing a password, make sure it is at least eight characters long and contains a combination of upper case and lower case characters, numbers and symbols. Additionally, avoid using names, and words to make the password more secure. We also recommend changing the password every 60 to 90 days as well.

a laptop that needs computer maintenance performed due to malware


Don’t use unknown software.

The internet is brimming with free, open-source software that can be downloaded in seconds. Even though it may be tempting to download such software, keep in mind that it is an easy way to introduce malware into your computer system, which can corrupt your computer and the entire network.

If you believe your system requires a new type of software to perform its duties, speak with the IT specialists at TechiT Services. We can recommend the most appropriate software to use that can be downloaded reliably.


Run security testing.

It is advisable to run regular testing of your network system to keep an eye out for weak links that require the attention of our IT professionals. Carrying out this activity regularly will serve as a precautionary measure against potential problems rather than reacting after an attack has already been completed. List all of the network system’s issues in the past and take steps to ensure that the problem(s) does not recur in the future.

network 0consultant troubleshooting an internet outage

Above: It engineer monitors and solving problems with blade servers in data rack. Calling technical support about hardware problems in datacenter.


Get Professional Network Consultation Services from TechiT Services

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