Troubleshoot Microsoft Office 365 Mail Flow

The first 3 things your administrator should check-1

Microsoft Office 365 mail flow interruption?

The first 3 things your administrator should check.

Here are 3 things an administrator should start with for troubleshooting Office 365 mail flow issues.

Office 365’s hosted Exchange service is one of the most reliable email services available today with a 99% uptime. With its high availability, native compatibility with Windows, mobile support and a uniform experience on all device platforms, including iOS & Android. It is rare that you will experience any issues with an email account on their service. However, as the saying goes, even the best-laid plans… So, if you do experience one of these rare interruptions with your Office 365 mail flow, here are 3 checks your administration should start with to understand where the issue is:

Are there any expired licenses
Are there any expired licenses

Licensing & Billing

A common issue that Office 365 users might encounter is an expired or missing license for their account. So, one of the first things to check when experiencing email issues is to ensure the impacted user has the correct license assigned. Also, keep in mind that a license may also be an expired and limited functionality of that user’s account may occur until the subscription payment has been made. As Office 365’s services are all subscription-based, the license for each user must be active and the billing current.

Is there any DNS record issues?
Is there any DNS record issues?

DNS records

The second most common cause for email or Outlook connection issues is typically DNS errors with the email domain. As an administrator for your Office 365 service, you will need to understand that the Domains you send & receive email on must be configured to direct your email traffic correctly by using the DNS records in the Zone File for each domain. Office 365 has an easy way for your administrators to ensure the correct DNS records are in place for each of your emails enabled domains. Here is how they can check the status when investigating email issues:

1) Login to

2) Navigate to the Setup section located on the menu along the Left Edge of the screen

3) Then select the subsection of Domains

Here you will see all the domains that have been set up in your Office 365 tenet. Each domain will have a “Stats” button listed on the right. There you will able to see any errors detected with the DNS records for each domain. You can also click on a domain, then click the “Check DNS” button which appears on the next window. This will do a check of the current records against what they should be and display the results. Just update the records as indicated here, then return after about 15 minutes to run another check to verify your records are correct in your Zone File for the specified domain.

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are there any office 365 service health problems
Are there any office 365 service health problems?
Service Health

If you have reviewed the first couple items related to Licensing and DNS records, you should then check the Office 365 Service Health. This is a simple process for your Office 365 administrator as they just need to access that same portal as mentioned earlier ( by signing in with their Office 365 Administrator login. Next navigate to the Health section on the menu (left edge of the screen), then the Service Health subsection. Here you will see an overview for all of the Office 365 services and their current health. There is a rare chance that some issues are occurring on the backend and impacting the service of your team experiences. When this is the case you typically just have to wait for Microsoft’s team to resolve the issue, which is usually done within a couple of hours.

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