WIFI Extensions: Why use WIFI Extenders and repeaters for boosting your WIFI Signals?

Do you want a slow and spotty WIFI network? Our expert WIFI technicians know how to increase WIFI signal bandwidth to speed up slow wireless connections. We’ll fix your network connection, boost/extend your WIFI signal, and give you the fastest internet possible over wireless. Does your WIFI connection keep dropping out? We’ll fix it and turn it into the best WIFI possible. Our WIFI technicians use the best WIFI boosters, repeaters and extenders to provide stable connections. Do you need help with your smart or mobile devices? We’ll connect all your mobile and smart devices to your WIFI network and make everything work seamlessly. Are you looking for a better WIFI range and better signal coverage for wall-to-wall high-speed WIFI? Our technicians extend wireless networks to provide full coverage with the maximum speeds possible for homes and businesses!


Why you should use WIFI Extensions and WIFI Range Extenders for Better Connectivity at your Home or Business Office

Consider a Wireless Network Extension if you have areas of your business or home where the WIFI signal is weak or drops out. Another perfect reason is your WIFI signal strength is at 50% or below. A weak WIFI signal can impact performance enough to interrupt online meetings, webinars, streaming movies/TV, and bog down your upload/download speeds as well. If you rely on using wireless internet for your business, consider a redundant backup automatic fail-over internet solution by TechiT Services, along with a WIFI upgrade.

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Need help Installing and configuring your WIFI Extender, WIFI Booster, or WIFI Repeater to Increase your WIFI Signal Strength?

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Types of Wireless Networking Equipment we support and services we do 

  • WIFI Extender/Booster assessments, consultations, configurations, and installations.
  • The WIFI Repeater needs assessment, consultations, configurations, and installations.
  • WIFI Access Points deployment assessments, consultations, configurations, and installations.
  • WIFI Security Consultation and Setup.
  • WIFI Troubleshooting and configurations.


WIFI extension device installation and services: Improve your home or business Internet connection with WIFI boosters. We help you get the best WIFI extender for your networking needs.

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Our technicians make sure that your experience with us significantly improves your wired/wireless network system when it is at all possible. Not only are we a professional tech company, but we also live up to our client’s expectations. Our goal is to provide the network support that you or your business needs. Work with professionals who help you diagnose and fix all your business wireless network issues and bring your business the latest solutions.


Question and Answers Section 

What is a WIFI extender? A WIFI extender is a small electronic wireless device used to extend wireless networks for homes, schools, and businesses. Also sometimes referred to as a Wireless Extensions.


Should I buy a WIFI extender? If you have areas of your business/home where the WIFI signal is weak or drops out completely, you should consider a WIFI network extension. Command Brands used are Netgear, Linksys, tplink, eero, Asus, Ubiquiti, alc, and Sonos.


What are WIFI repeaters? WIFI repeaters, boosters, and extenders are the same thing. Simply put, they are specific devices developed to improve WIFI coverage.


Is there a difference between a WIFI repeater and a WIFI extender? Well, these WIFI devices are the same. However, it’s essential to know that not all WIFI repeaters or extenders work in the same way.


Which is better to use, a WIFI repeater or extender? A repeater uses its robust antenna to secure a wireless signal and send it through to a new location. Meanwhile, a WIFI extender provides a range that will make a more stable wireless connection than a WIFI repeater alone would provide. Extenders repeat or copy an existing WIFI connection without producing a new network. Your bandwidth is not affected when this occurs.


Do WIFI repeaters work? To understand, the WIFI signal that the repeaters receive is not being amplified or increased. The signal is actually “repeated” or copied. WIFI repeaters work well when the repeater itself receives the best possible signal from where the router is located. If your repeater does not have the maximal signal coverage, it could worsen your entire WIFI network over time.


Can I use 3 WIFI extenders? You can use multiple repeaters or extenders, but they must all connect to the same source of wireless connection. Note that you cannot connect a WIFI extender to another extender’s wireless network. Wifi extensions are simply the extensions for the wireless network itself.


What is a WIFI Booster? A WIFI booster or WIFI signal booster is another commonly used synonym for WIFI extenders and repeaters that provide a wireless network extension.


Do I Need a WIFI signal booster? In this scenario, consider using a WIFI booster, aka WIFI signal booster, if your wireless network signal is weak or below 50% in critical common/business areas.


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