Windows 10 update – Managed Services

Windows 10 Managed Services

Welcome to TechiT’s new tech blog.

Here we will be bringing you the newest in technology and computer news. We will have articles covering everything from new hardware to computer security and optimization. This is to assist our managed services clients as well as the PRN customers.

Today we will be covering the Windows 10 update that some of our customers are seeing rolled out to them now if you are an existing Managed Services client please reach out for IT services if you have any questions.

Starting in February Microsoft Support changed the status of the Windows 10 upgrade in windows update. This went from being an optional update to a recommended update. This means for our managed services customer and PRN IT Service customers that Microsoft Support started pushing out the upgrade to groups of people starting at the beginning of last month. The user was notified via pop up window that the upgrade was ready to install.

At first, the user had a choice to not install Windows 10 by ignoring the pop-ups that appeared. Once Microsoft changed the update to recommended though this changed. Users now who got the update via Windows Update are being prompted with a different pop up warning them the install will initiate on its own. The pop up typically appears three to four days before the update installs. One last pop warns the user that they have 60 minutes before the install takes place.

Now this change has angered some of our clients and confused most others. While TechiT suggests moving to Windows 10 due to security and performance updates, many users still are not ready to switch over yet to a new OS. There are steps that we here at TechiT can make for you to ensure this update does not take place if you don’t want it to. Please contact us here at TechiT Services inquire regarding Managed Services or any IT Services you may have questions about.

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