Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Solutions for Business

Below you find the 5 best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Solutions rated from 1 to 5. One being the best cloud storage and file sharing solution on our list and five being the lowest rated for business cloud storage and file sharing solutions. This doesn’t mean the solutions are not good services it simply means they did not rate high on our scoring sheet which we used to compare the different platforms.

We hope you enjoy our list of the best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Solutions

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  1. OneDrive and One Drive for Business (Cloud Storage and File Sharing Service)

OneDrive is a file hosting service owned and operated by the Microsoft Corporation. It was first launched in August of 2007. It helps individuals and organizations use the secured Microsoft 365 ecosystem to control user and file access to shared files and folders.

A OneDrive subscription enables additional collaboration abilities within the Microsoft Office Suite. Thus, allowing enhanced file sharing and collaboration abilities in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint enabling your business or organization to do more! OneDrive offers a web-based portal to access your files along with desktop and mobile apps.

OneDrive offers a Basic 5 gigabyte plan for free for all users, this is meant more for personal accounts or individuals. They also offer a family plan for $99.99/yearly, personal plan for $69.99/yearly and a OneDrive Standalone with 100 gigabytes for $19.99/yearly. Microsoft 365 plans also include OneDrive for Business subscriptions and allow organizations to further control their online file repositories.

For more information on OneDrive visit

For more information on OneDrive for Business visit Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage and File Sharing | Microsoft 365

  1. Dropbox (File Hosting Service)

Dropbox is a cloud file hosting service that has file sharing as its core focus and ability. Dropbox syncs folder(s) on your computer with a cloud folder to keep it backed up. Dropbox offers several plans ranging from a Basic plan with 2 gigabytes of storage all the way up to a Business Plan that offers 5,000 gigabytes of online storage. Dropbox subscription prices range from $9.99 to $24.00 monthly with an annual subscription. To learn more about Dropbox and their file hosting solutions visit

  1. Google Drive (File Storage and Synchronization Service)

Google Drives claim to fame has been their free file synchronization service. Widely used and vastly popular among individuals, educational institutions, and students due to its free and easy to use platform. Even their website headline reads “Personal Cloud Storage and File Sharing” suggesting this platform is designed and intended for personal use and not business. Although they do offer a plan for Business and Enterprises starting at $12.00 per user monthly for 2 terabytes of online cloud storage.

For more information on Google Drive visit

  1. Box (Secure Cloud Content Management, Workflow, and Collaboration Service)

Box is like Dropbox and OneDrive solutions in it provides cloud storage and file sharing solution for Businesses and Organizations. Couple of key differences standout with their offering is Workflow and process management along with Unlimited free e-signatures for your contracts and agreements. It stands alone in offering unlimited e-signatures as part of their core offering no other file hosting and collaboration provider offers a built-in no cost E-signature platform.

Business pricing starts at $15.00/ monthly with an annual subscription agreement. Enterprise subscriptions start at $35.00/monthly per user with annual commitment.

For more information on Box and their solutions please visit

  1. iCloud (Cloud-Storage and Cloud-Computing Service)

iCloud is a solution developed by Apple Inc. for Cloud File Storage and Computing. iCloud is one of the most widely adopted platforms due to its native integrations on iOS devices and Apple Computers.

iCloud comes with 5 gigabytes of free cloud storage with possible subscription-based upgrades to iCloud+ with variable data storage plans with storage up to 2 terabytes.

iCloud offers the built-in storage sharing capabilities allowing you to share one subscription with your family. iCloud is the family friendly personal cloud storage most use on their iOS devices today.

For more information on iCloud please visit,

In Conclusion the best solution for each business and organization can vary it is recommended to advise with a cloud consultant.

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