Managed Services

We’re an IT support team that takes care of every aspect of your information technology systems. Get started with our team and we’ll get to work taking over and handling your IT networks so that you can focus your energy on other areas of your business.

Put the Focus Back Where it Belongs – On Your Business Operations

Much of modern life revolves around computers and technology and when these devices fail us it can be frustrating and even prevent us from getting any work done at all. From minor issues to full hardware failures, your current IT systems might be overwhelmed, causing you more waiting and lost productivity, while the devices catch up.

And, faulty IT systems can leave you struggling to focus on other areas of your business that need your attention. You’re unable to put the time and effort you need into managing HR, operations, and other departments simply because you’re stuck trying to troubleshoot your technology.

With TechiT’s MSP support program, you will always have that a team of experienced professionals to back up your team. We ensure that you have the assistance you need to operate a successful business with IT systems that support your organization. 

Get in touch with our team today and let’s get to work getting your IT solutions back under control. With our managed IT program, we’ll get you back on track and make sure your information technology is nothing but an asset to your business. 

Professional and Personalized Managed IT Support

We understand the importance of human interaction and connection. That’s why when you get in touch with the team at TechiT Services, you’ll always be connected with a human being. 

Many concerns being addressable over a quick remote support session with your IT manager or directly with your individual team members, giving you a fast and easy approach to simple IT problems that arise. Or, we can also dispatch our local agents to your offices when need be. That way, we ensure that you have a friendly face there to support your team and get you back up and working in a swift and professional manner.

Our mission is to make sure that your IT systems are working properly and that you’re fully supported by a team that knows how to help which is why we take professionalism seriously. We’re always on-time for every meeting and make sure that each one of our IT technicians has the expertise and knowledge needed to support your team.

Comprehensive Managed IT Solutions

As part of TechiT’s Managed Service provider program, or MSP, we support your current IT manager. We show them how to easily manage all your IT maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. With us, you know that you’ve got the necessary experience and knowledge base to keep your IT systems operating smoothly. 

We can also be that IT department your company has always needed. We cover just about everything you might need under the MSP program, meaning that if you want a team that can serve as your go-to IT crew, we’re here to help. We can take over every aspect of managing your IT systems so that you can say goodbye to an internal team entirely!

Ultimately TechiT is here to give you everything you need in one convenient plan to ensure your company gets to continue focusing on what matters – the success of your business. With our help, we’ll minimize the risk of any IT-related interruptions to your day. Stop worrying about technology troubles and start focusing on your company operations instead. 

Managed IT Systems for Every Size Business

Our managed services provider program can fit the needs of any size business. We make sure that your IT department can handle anything which might come their way. We’ll make sure that your medium or large-sized business is fully backed up and prepared for any technology issue that may arise.

Or, if you’re a smaller business, we can provide you with a team with decades of experience to act as your IT department. That’s typically for far less than the cost of hiring a single IT manager for your small business or enterprise. We’ll get you the IT systems you need without you having to worry about creating an entirely new department!

Regardless of what you’re looking for, our MSP program offers it all. Together, we’ll work with you to figure out which of our MSP packages would be best for you.

How It Works

Getting started with TechiT Services is simple and easy!

Get in Touch

The first step towards getting the IT services that you need is to reach out to our team. You can reach us by phone, email, or contact form.

When you speak with us, we’ll ask questions about the size of your business, the type of IT services you’re looking for, and more. That way, we’ll be able to put together an accurate quote for services. 

Receive an Estimate

Next, we’ll create a quote that matches the information we received from you when you first reached out. We take all the data you provided us with into consideration and then send you a few packages that would be a good fit for your business needs. 

We always send multiple options so that you can see what additional benefits and features you could get from choosing add-ons or other packages. After all, we want to help you make the best decision for your business!

Setup & Implementation

Once you’ve signed your agreement, it’s time for us to hit the ground running! We’ll dispatch our team out to your business and get you set up with any new software or technology that you need in order to be successful. 

We’ll then go through a training session with you and your team so that you understand exactly how to work with us and how we can assist your team. We put the tools you need to be successful into your pocket so that you’re prepared for any IT issues that might arise. 

Our Guarantee

At TechiT Services, we care about the work that we do. And, we care about making sure that your business is a success. That’s why we offer a 100% guarantee on our services. If you’re unsatisfied with our work, let us know and we’ll make it right. We’ll do whatever it takes to keep you satisfied and ensure your success as a company. 

Our Pricing

We understand that every business is different. Each company has different needs and expectations for its IT services. That’s why we offer customized quotes to each one of our clients. When you reach out to us, we let you know all our a la carte options as well as inform you of what type of package we think would be the best fit for your unique needs. No matter what option you choose, we’ll make sure to get you the lowest possible price!

We’re Your First Choice for Managed IT Services in the San Diego Area

When San Diego businesses need managed IT services they know that they can count on the team at TechiT. That’s because we’ve been servicing La Jolla, Chula Vista, La Mesa, El Cajon, Mira Mesa, and San Diego city for years. Local businesses understand that we have the knowledge and experience they need to truly be successful. 

And, we can’t wait to help your business through managed IT services either. Get in touch with our team and know that you’re partnering with the best managed IT provider in the Greater San Diego area. We’re confident that we’ll be able to get your business set up with impactful, lasting IT solutions. 

Change the Way You Operate Your IT Systems

Are you ready to get started with an IT team that can’t be rivaled? We can’t wait to get to work. Contact us at TechiT Services to learn how we can give you a better daily work experience with the best possible IT solutions and support.

And, we’ll do all that at less of an expense than your current solution or provider. Get in touch with us today and let’s get started reinventing your IT systems in a way that benefits your entire organization. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support

Is my IT team costing me too much?

Clients in our Managed Services program often report they are saving money and getting a better experience then they had with other support systems including in house IT teams. Our MSP team can help you save money by offloading some IT-related overhead. While also supporting your existing IT team to make them more efficient so they can save you money.

Can't I just have one simple service that covers all my IT needs each month?

Yes, you can! Our Managed Services Provider (MSP) program will combine all of your IT needs and costs into one simple bill so you have less to worry about and one convenient number to call when you have questions.

What is a MSP or Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider can be defined as “A company providing a suite of IT services and support to act as your IT department or enhance your team’s ability to manage Information Technology related concerns”

Do I need to hire an IT manager?

TechiT acts as an entire IT department for you, for less than the cost of what it would take to hire an IT manager to your staff. From our MSP to our IT consulting and Computer Service departments we can support your needs while providing you with the best possible value.