Windows 365 Cloud PC Computers & Workstations

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC Computers & Workstations

As the common workplace evolves to support the new remote work style of doing business. You need to consider how to keep your team productive. Starting in August 2021 Microsoft is introducing their new Windows 365 Cloud PC. The perfect workstation solution for remote and local office workforces.

With the new Windows 365 cloud pc you can resume work, right where you left off. Accessing the same desktop, shortcuts, and document history. When you connect to your Windows 365 Cloud PC from any internet connected device.

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Microsoft© Windows 365 PC Features & Benefits:

  1. Streaming technology
  2. Upgradable storage and PC power
  3. Future proof
  4. Bring your own device
  5. Identical experience (shortcuts, documents, apps, etc…) on all your devices
  6. Built in backups
  7. Easy and quick to deploy new virtual PCs
  8. Disaster proof
  9. No risk of hardware failure
  10. Local and remote printing supported
  11. Microsoft Endpoint Manager – Cloud Security Across Endpoint

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Windows 365 Cloud PC service is a new simplified version of the Azure Virtual desktop. However, it is more than that.

Much in the same way that TV, Movies and Video games are moving to steaming. So is the future of computing, as it offloads the bulk of the processing to a server and just streams the display and controls to you. This allows you to use just about any device from mobile devices or to high performance PCs. To get an almost identical experience when accessing your new Windows 365 system!

Personalize your experience by specifically building your Microsoft 365 Cloud PC to be as powerful or as inexpensive as you wish! You can even have multiple Microsoft 365 Cloud PCs, with each one being tailored to a specify purpose. Have one for work, a home Cloud PC and even create and customize one for each of your projects.

Additional Windows Cloud PC Benefits:

Another benefit of the Microsoft 365 Cloud PCs is how easy it is to expand/upgrade these virtual PCs. Instead of having to obtain, assemble, install, and configure a new PC when you find you need more power or storage. You can simply upgrade the subscription in Microsoft to get a more powerful CPU, add RAM or additional drive storage space.

Built on long standing Microsoft products but presented in an easier to adopt and maintain format. While providing you with all the power and versatility of these advanced systems including Azure Virtual desktops, Intune device management and more. All in a easier to use and understand presentation then previous, separate service offerings.

Make lost productivity and data a thing of the past!

Even should disaster strike and you lose your laptop to a spilled coffee or something worse like theft or fire. You can rest assured, knowing that you won’t lose any work and everything on your Windows 365 Cloud PC is right where you left off. Moving to a new device also no longer means having to download, reinstall and try to remember what is missing form your old PC. Because it is always in the Windows 365 Cloud PC servers, just reconnect with another internet ready device and be right back to work on your Windows 365 Cloud PC in a matter of minutes!

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