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Managed IT solutions will give businesses delegation for IT operations to expert third-party organizations. They will handle responsibilities with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) which govern the IT systems. This includes round the clock monitoring, issue resolutions, reports, and more. TechIT Services have managed IT services that expand beyond the borders that constrain the break/fix IT adoption SaaS technologies. We also have faster than in-house operations providers.

SLA and Managed IT Solutions

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is procured by the client and depending on the SLA, can charge a flat fee for services over a period of time. This agreement focuses and defines what services will be provided and the metrics for measuring success of the given services.

Cloud computing has allowed IT services to expand dramatically, and it has made IT operations faster and larger than most in-house providers. Defining the key terms and definitions is also vital to SLAs.

This describes a program used to gather information about devices or machines. Once it is installed, it will manage systems, programs, updates, and issues.
This is a combination of backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure your business functions will continue despite any incident or disaster. This will be a recovered operational state within a short period of time.
To deliver services and repairs to organizations for a fee. The client contacts a technician about an upgrade, maintenance, break, or resolution, and the technician then bills the customer after the work is completed.
This term is coupled with NOC (Network Operations Center) to proactively monitor the systems, issues, and performance.

There are several other terms within the SLA that will give freedom to both the client and IT provider.

Managed IT Service History

With the enterprise of computing and technology services on the rise, it also means the management break/fix basis needs an expert to fix it. This person is usually the one who also installed or built the computer system. However, as time progresses, the computer manufacturing only grows to a larger scale and it leaves the small IT dealer to focus less on manufacturing and more on break/fix. This also means it won’t allow the technician to grow their personal business.

With computing devices increasing, the divide between break/fix and amount of computers only grew more each year. With managed IT services, the shift finally allowed IT to grow with maintenance, upgrades, system monitoring, and resolutions on a routine basis.

Choose Proactive Measures

TechIT Services provides a proactive approach to cloud computing with increased internet capabilities. This allows us to be monitoring issues before they happen to enable your business to run more efficiently with daily operations.Our model will also keep your systems up-to-date and monitor 24/7. This removes your stress to enjoy your nights and weekends while the MSPs do the heavy lifting for you after hours.

Call us today for more information about our managed IT services and what our expert technicians do. We give you the benefits of reduced costs of in-house IT support and give back with a wealth of experience.

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