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Our computer support and service technicians can tackle most computer fixes and put you on a path to restoring your systems to full functionality.

In addition to these skilled agents, we have several escalation levels available, up to and including partner support & troubleshooting with software and hardware distributors.

We are a family-owned and operated local business that has been providing Computer Support and Services with Microsoft© based Technology Solutions in the greater San Diego County area since 2012.

TechiT’s team of system engineers and technicians is here to keep your computers & network healthy as well as to provide any server consulting, fixes, upgrades, updates, and technical support.

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Computer Upgrades & Deployments

Our computer and server support technicians have designed many system deployments and upgrades to existing systems. Utilizing all the best practices, with the most advanced and reliable technology available today. Combined with our decades of experience in this field, we ensure you get the very best solutions and value for your investment.

Computer Troubleshooting

Nothing lasts forever, which means sometimes you need to upgrade your servers, computers, and network devices. To make the most of the higher speeds and performance advances you need to make the right choices when upgrading or deploying new systems. We can Help!

Computer Support Services:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Support

I've run out of space on my computer, what can I do?

The first option you should consider is auditing the content of the drive and remove anything you can to free up space. You may also want to first back up this information to an external device so you don’t have to lose any of it. We can also provide you with options for adding more storage to the device, contact us today to see how.

What computer should I get for my staff?

This depends on your business needs, budget, and several other items to consider. Our IT Consulting team can work with you to find the best fit and prices for your staff’s devices.

How can I make my computer faster?

Often the best way to improve the speed of a computer is to install a faster drive for the operating system. SSDs (solid-state drive) can improve startup speeds when you install your operating system to these over a standard mechanical hard drive. There are some differences between SSDs that can squeeze a bit more speed out of your current device. Contact our Computer Service support team to learn more.

Does my computer have a virus?

The best way to check if you have a virus, should you see some strange behavior on your device is with an Anti-Virus scan. We have years of experience in vetting which Anti-Virus programs are the best at protecting systems and offer only the best. Reach out to our Computer Service team today to get protected and clean out any possible infections.

How can I use my fingerprint to open my computer?

Biometric devices sometimes are included in devices like laptops. Other USB connected devices can be added to a system to introduce the biometric (fingerprint) function. Then it is just a matter of configuring your Windows Profile to save your fingerprints.