WIFI Solutions and Services

 WIFI Troubleshooting, Extensions, and Upgrades

Our WIFI Solutions can save you downtime while protecting you with today’s best technology and solutions.

Are you tired of slow and spotty/connectivity issues with your WiFi internet? Our experienced techs know how to speed up slow internet. We’ll fix your network connection, boost/extend your WiFI signal, and give you the fastest internet possible over wireless. Does your WiFi keep dropping out? We’ll fix your WiFi and establish a stable, secure connection. Have trouble with your devices? We’ll connect all your mobile and smart devices to your WiFi network and make everything work seamlessly.

We can help you improve your existing Wi-Fi (wireless) system. Our technicians have decades of experience troubleshooting and resolving common and not-so-common issues.


WIFI Solutions, WIFI Troubleshooting and Technical Support

wifi solutions and services for home and business

WiFi Solutions

We offer customized wireless deployments for home and business to ensure only people and devices that are  approved can connect. Adding another layer of protection to your network, while also designing our solutions with advanced requirements while keeping simplicity and ease of use in mind for you the users!

WiFi Extensions

Let us help you to expand your network to new offices or areas of your building. Eliminate any dead zone utilizing access point extensions to reach areas like your construction yard, warehouse, multi-floor.
WIFI 6 WIFI 6E upgrades

Gigabit WIFI6 Speed Upgrades

Compared to the older standard of about 45mbs a WIFI6 system is 10x times faster capable of producing wireless gigabit speeds to supported WIFI6 capable devices!

Wifi connection troubleshooting we fix wifi identiy and issues

WIFI Troubleshooting

We identify and solve WIFI connection issues. Our techs perform WiFi site surveys to identify what areas or locations lack enough signal coverage or are experiencing WiFi signal interference to meet the recommended 30-39 dBm signal strength to supply enough signal power to your devices. Call us today to avoid & solve your WiFi problems!

Wifi site surveys planning for wifi networks

WIFI Site Surveys

WIFI Site Surveys help ensure you plan for enough signal coverage for your commercial business or organization to operate where you plan to use wireless internet. You provide your floor plan for your business. We perform onsite and remote assessments & surveys to ensure correct planning for your 2.4ghz, 5ghz, or even 6ghz WIFI systems.

wifi optimization we fix wifi issues

WIFI Optimizations

We optimize WiFi routers and wireless access points for the best possible connectivity. All while providing you with professional WiFi consulting on how to improve your WiFi network regarding performance, hardware upgrades, and security. We can consult and solve most WiFi issues with a quick onsite WiFi site survey and an onsite visit to troubleshoot your WiFi connection problems.

WIFI Signal Interference Troubleshooting

WIFI Interference Testing

With our professional WIFI Interference Testing (2.4ghz, 5ghz, and 6ghz WiFi Signal Analysis) services we can identify if your neighboring homes or businesses are WiFi signals are directly causing inference with your WiFi signal connections. Is it a phone? Someones hotspot? or maybe even the local weather radar interfering with your WiFi connection? Call us today to find out and get to the bottom of it!

wifi signal strength testing

WIFI Strength Testing

Are there just some areas or times when your WiFi drops out or loses signal strength and quality? We can test and find out why (WiFi SNR and dBm Testing) and consult on how to fix your WIFI connectivity issues. We come onsite and test your home or business office’s WIFI signal for various issues like weak power (low dBm, i.e., dead zones) provide consultation and recommendations to solve weak signals.

Smart home tech services for wifi and smart devices

Smart Home Wifi System Design & Support

Let us help your Smart Home be smarter with our WIFI System Design Services! We help you perfectly plan your future smart home’s WiFi network to last for years and years to come! We also provide additional Smart Home Device Installation, Troubleshooting & Tech Services for the most popular systems Google Nest!, Ring, Alexa, SimpliSafe, Wyze, and many more! Call us Today!

wifi router help and troubleshooting services

WIFI Router Help and Troubleshooting Services

Looking for some WIFI Router Help and Troubleshooting Services? We have your covered! We can help you setup, troubleshoot and configure your home or business WiFi router! Call us today to schedule your onsite appointment today 1(619)764-6150!

Wireless Security & PEN Testing

Just how safe is your wireless network, could you be at risk or already compromised? No need to wonder any longer, our team can ensure that your business is as safe and secure as possible.

Wireless Point to Point Network Bridges

With our Wi-Fi/wireless solutions, we can extend the availability of your wireless network to your other offices. All the while maintaining security so they can access your internal file shares or other network assets with a single sign-on by linking to your existing active directory or LDAP controller(s).