How to find the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTY


This guide will teach you how to identify the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTY.

Sometimes you need to find the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTY to connect to a network device, like a firewall switch, et cetera. When connecting to these devices, you typically use PuTTYPuTTY looks for what COM port to use when selecting the Serial under Connection Type under the basic options for your PuTTY session. Furthermore, to identify what COM port for the USB to serial connection you will need to follow the steps below.

You can Download PuTTY here: PuTTY: (latest release)


Let’s get started on identifying your COM port!


1) Open Putty, and under “Connection type,” select “Serial.”

PuTTY select Connection Type and Serial


2) Next, you’ll open” Windows Device Manager,” press the Windows Key or Start Button and type in “devmgmt. msc,” then press “Enter.”

open device manager and locate Ports Com and LPT


3) From the “Device Manager” window, find and locate the list item labeled “Ports (COM & LPT)” and expand the drop-down list.

Expand Ports COM and LPT to find the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTY


4) Find the USB serial port in the devices. Next, you will find the COM port number you need to select. In this, it is COM3.

find the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTy under COM and LPT USB Serial Port


5) Next, we will return to Putty and enter COM3 as our serial communication port; now


6) At this point, you can proceed to click open. Once the terminal is open, remember that you may need to press enter twice to pull up the prompts to log in.

logged in palo alto firewall by finding the COM port for USB to Serial for PuTTy


USB-to-Seria COM Port Identification Guide Conclusion:

That’s it! Now you know how to find the COM port for a USB-to-Serial connection and connect via Putty to a networking device like a Palo Alto.

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