If cloud business email is a new term for you, you might be thinking about what it is. A cloud business email is similar to any other cloud-based services you have already used. But here, it offers you a robust email tool (or email solution) that allows you access to it over the internet.

Cloud-based email provider serves your email communication needs with many add-on features. That’s it! You might have used FREE cloud email service solutions, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Don’t you?

Every day, billions of emails are received & sent, and it is one of the most utilized cloud services in the world. You should consider email as alive. No. They come under super valuable services, especially for business. You can only connect or communicate with your clients over social media sometimes. Therefore, you need a professional tool to convey your message or updates to your team and clients about the latest happening in the project. Hence, it would help if you had a professional email solution.

A cloud-based email has been a critical element of our daily work for more than a decade. In the mid-90s, we had AOL, Yahoo, and Hotmail (Microsoft) as emailing solutions. And now, we have Google’s Gmail, Outlook from Microsoft, and a long list of other free or paid cloud business email providers.

This blog will talk about the Top 5 cloud business email providers. So, let’s get started.


1 Office 365 Microsoft Outlook

As one of the top 5 cloud business email providers and number 1 on our list of the Top 5 Cloud Business Email providers, Microsoft Office 365 also has a monthly active user base of about 300 million. You can opt Microsoft 365 Business subscription plan. Each user can install Office Suite on their device with their respective Microsoft account and start using it in no time at all.

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2 Google Workspace

Google Workspace, also formerly known as G Suite, has billions of users globally. Gmail is one of its central services. In addition, Google Workspace offers many plans to suit a business’s needs. Its base plan starts at $6/user/month. We recommend you visit their website to know the exact charges.


3 iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail from Apple Inc. is one of the easy-to-use cloud-based email service solutions. It is affordable and reasonably priced, with enough storage.

It comes with a helpful web interface to help you use it on any device. Plus, it also supports decent spam filtering. But the most amazing part is its robust integration with Apple products. This feature helps to create an Apple ecosystem in your workspace.

With millions of users globally, it offers a 5GB mail storage account without any change. But if you opt for higher storage, you have to pay.


4 Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail provides advanced collaboration features with secure and reliable business email solutions. You can either choose a lifetime free plan or go with a paid version as per your need.

Like other cloud business email providers, it offers multiple plans. Its base plan starts at $1/month for 5GB, goes to 100GB ($6/month), and is charged annually. Please visit their plans on their website.


5 Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business also comes among the top cloud business email solution providers with a business mailbox plan starting at $3.19/mailbox. But, if you opt for more users, you can expect a price as low as $1.19/mailbox for 10 users.


In the end:

As we discussed, we need an email solution for our business and daily communication. In this blog, we covered the glims of the Top 5 cloud business email providers and hope you got some idea.

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