Revolutionize your organization’s content management with Microsoft Syntex, brought to you by TechIt Services. In today’s dynamic business environment, where approximately 15% of revenue is allocated to document-related processes, and employees spend up to 8 hours per week searching for information, Syntex emerges as the game-changer.


Overview of Microsoft Syntex

Microsoft Syntex, part of the comprehensive Microsoft 365 suite, is your AI-powered content service, seamlessly integrating with SharePoint’s capabilities. Unveiled at Ignite last fall, Syntex uses AI content service capabilities to create understanding models, facilitating the comprehension and classification of content within SharePoint document libraries. TechIt Services is here to guide you through leveraging this cutting-edge solution.


Key Capabilities for Your Business Growth

Enhance with TechIt Services:

  • Leverage Syntex’s summarization, translation, auto-assembly, and annotation features in collaboration with TechIt Services to understand and assemble required content efficiently.

Connect Seamlessly:

  • Teams at your organization, with the expertise of TechIt Services, can effortlessly discover and reuse content, unlocking the vast information within your organizational boundaries.

Manage with Expertise:

  • Syntex, supported by TechIt Services, simplifies content analysis and protection throughout its lifecycle, ensuring compliance and advanced content management aligned with your unique business needs.


Empowering Features from TechIt Services

Syntex Content Center with TechIt Services:

  • Initiate your Syntex journey by creating a content center, a specialized site expertly configured by TechIt Services for managing Syntex models, metadata integration, and compliant automation setup.

Document Understanding Enhanced by TechIt Services:

  • TechIt Services facilitates the training of Syntex to read and process content with model creation tools, ensuring optimal understanding, extraction, and tagging of information.

Object Recognition with TechIt Services:

  • Automatically tag images using a visual dictionary, expertly configured by TechIt Services, and convert handwritten text into searchable tags.

Form Processing Simplified with TechIt Services:

  • Syntex, backed by TechIt Services, features a form-processing engine that recognizes and extracts common forms, streamlining data extraction from documents.

Advanced Taxonomy Services Supported by TechIt Services:

  • TechIt Services ensures seamless publishing of shared content types from a central gallery, enabling rapid deployment and automatic updates.


Unlock New Possibilities with TechIt Services – New Plugins and Features

Syntex Plugins for Copilot – Actionable Insights:

  • Integrate Syntex with Microsoft 365 Copilot for actionable insights into your content. TechIt Services ensures smooth implementation and guides users in file-centric actions.

Microsoft Repository Services – Collaborative Content Management:

  • Enable your development teams with collaborative content-centric apps in Microsoft 365. TechIt Services ensures optimal collaboration, security, compliance, and robust content management.

Syntex eSignature – Seamless Approvals:

  • Syntex, enhanced by TechIt Services, introduces eSignature capabilities for streamlined approvals within the SharePoint interface. Integrate third-party eSignature providers like Adobe Acrobat Sign and DocuSign seamlessly.

“Project Archimedes” – Data-Driven Insights:

  • TechIt Services introduces “Project Archimedes,” providing big data analytics for OneDrive and SharePoint content, offering data-driven insights for better content management.


TechIt Services – Your Partner for Efficient Content Management

Empower your organization with the true value of content using Microsoft Syntex, guided by the expertise of TechIt Services. For more information on how to implement these transformative updates, contact us at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address]. Take the leap towards efficient content management with TechIt Services today! Contact TechIt Services | Learn More