Why you should update your Small Office/Home Office WIFI Services Security Password when you upgrade or extend your wireless router.  

Frequently, people like to keep the same WiFi password for their home network or business. The best time for someone to update and secure their password is while updating their wireless network. Let’s face it. No one likes change; it makes for more hurdles and a learning curve. But sometimes change is the necessity needed to maintain WI-FI security. Nowadays, it is easier than ever for a malicious actor (even a neighbor) to crack into wireless network services and use them for nefarious reasons. You can be held liable for the traffic on your network, even if it is not you! Most internet service providers have a clause in their terms of service, often stating that you are responsible if someone connects to your WiFi service network. You are especially at risk if you are using your wireless router or access point equipment.


Small Office/Home Office WIFI Services and Security Best Practices!  

  • The first line of defense is your WiFi service password. Always pick a secure password with numerals, characters, and symbols. Next, consider updating your WiFi password regularly. For example, you may update semi-annually.
  • The next line of defense is to hide your SSID. SSIDs are your WiFi connection names. The SSID is what you search for to connect to the wireless network. When hidden people cannot see your network, the hidden WiFi can be joined by selecting “manually join a wireless network” or “Connect to a hidden WiFi network.”
  • Finally, there is MAC address filtering. Each device that connects to the internet has a unique identifier that can be added to your router’s list of allowed WiFi devices. This identifier blocks non-approved devices from joining the network, even if they have the wireless network SSID and password.


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