Billions of people are using the internet these days for their business and personal needs. But issues like slow browsing, inability to stream, dropped or poor WiFi signals, or even WiFi dead zone can affect your internet experience. Also visit our blog article “Tips to fix WiFi dead spots” for additional tips to help your wireless network. The tips to extend your WiFi signal range below will help identify any solutions you might be to solve yourself on your own.

If you also face any such issues, you can try troubleshooting your WiFi and Network for the solution. But if the problem lasts, here are some tips to extend your WiFi signal range for uninterrupted superfast internet.

These tips will also optimize your WiFi Coverage, besides boosting your wireless signal strength!

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Tip #1- Check Internet Connection

Ensure the wired internet connection coming into your house for the performance as it should be. You can check your internet speed by plug-in Ethernet Cable to your computer to make sure your router offers the same speed as promised. You might need a USB to Ethernet adapter if your laptop doesn’t have a port for Ethernet/ LAN.

If it doesn’t match the internet speed- you must call your ISP to fix the problem or replace your modem if it is faulty. On the other hand, if the speed reaches the internet plan, simply upgrade to a better plan for faster browsing.

ethernet Lan cable connected to switch

RJ45 Lan cable connected to switch.

Tip #2- Upgrade Your Router Software

Old firmware in the router can be the issue for poor internet. So, before you tweak things- it is always good to update your (router) software after the above step. For better internet speed and safety, router manufacturers release updates from time to time. Hence, do not miss the firmware updates option, which you can find in the admin setting.

While some manufacturers provide the option to download updates from their website and run them on the system for bug fixation, speed issues, and safety patches.

Want to learn more about Routers and Gateways? Visit Router (computing) – Wikipedia

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Tip #3- Optimal Router Placement

People usually place routers next to windows, doors, cabinets, or from where internet wire enters the home- but that’s not the ideal place to install a WiFi modem!

You should always look for an open space or a centralized location where your device experiences almost zero or no WiFi dead zone. Placing a router on other sites than this can limit your internet connectivity, speed, and thus the overall performance of digital devices.

Keep your internet router away from heavy-duty appliances and electro-magnetic devices like microwaves and closed-space to avoid network hindrance.

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Tip #4: What is Your WiFi Frequency?

Look at your WiFi admin section to ensure you have configured it for optimum performance. For example, if your router has a dual-band, switch it to 5GHz instead of 2.4GHz (band) for better throughput.

Not only does 5GHz offer you better speed, but it is less prone to counter interference from other wireless devices and networks. The reason is that such frequency devices are not so common.

Want a more in-depth explanation about WiFi frequencies/channels? Visit the List of WLAN channels – Wikipedia.

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Wireless router and man using a laptop in office. router wireless broadband home laptop computer phone wifi concept

Tip #5- Switch The Channel

Suppose your building lies in a crowded area where everyone has the internet. In that case, you can feel the interference in the signals from other wireless networks. And it can affect your WiFi network speed too.

Microwaves, cordless phone systems, and other electronic devices can affect your internet experience and performance.

The solution to this problem is; just switch the channel. Most routers can choose the channel (for you), but if your nearby wireless network is also at the same channel as yours- you might face signal congestion! A router set to “Automatic Channel” will try to configure the channel automatically with the most minor congestion. But some old routers may need to do this manually through the admin panel.

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The Final Words:

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